Our Pastor

Our Pastor
             Dr. Larry Holland and his wife Mary           Jimmy, Marie, Kara and Jason Westbrook

Dr. Larry Holland and his wife, Mary, have been serving at Grace Baptist Church for more than 18 years.  They have one daughter; she serves with her husband as a missionary to the West Indies.

Thank you for your time. We at Grace Baptist Church understand life is busy and there are many demands put on individuals and families today. Therefore, our church is reaching out to help people manage the pressures and demands of life. Most people agree that a good family and positive relationships are fundamental to a happy and prosperous life. Our services and programs are designed to help people build strong families and productive relationships through God’s Word.

We believe strong families and happy relationships start with finding and maintaining a good relationship with God. Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching people how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ and develop their full spiritual potential.

My wife and I have one daughter, Marie, who is pictured above with her family who serve as  missionaries to the West Indies. 

We look forward to seeing you in a service soon.  


Pastor and Mrs. Larry Holland

Psalm: 100:2 Serve the Lord with gladness...